I've been a resident and working in West Toronto for over twenty years.

I love the West End of Toronto.

Each neighbouhood has its own character.

In this section, I will introduce you to each one.

all neighbourhood map
West Toronto neighbourhood map


2 Responses to “Neighbourhoods”

  1. Sylvie Jacobs Says:

    Hello Jill,

    My husband and I will probably move to Toronto at the end of August or sooner, if our house in Calgary sell before, and I am quite attracted by west Toronto. Just to give you and idea of who we are, my husband will work for a company located by Pearson Airport and I won’t be working for the first few months. We have a teenager of 17 therefore, no need of elementary school at proximity. I am a bit tired of living in the suburd and would like to be closer of the “action” with a certain tranquility. We are looking for a house with a good structure that we could renovated to our taste. The style of the house do not really matter although we like raised bungalow. Our price range would be no more than 475K because we don’t want to pay for renovations already done that we don’t like. Tell me please if all we want is realistic in west Toronto market or any suggestions from you will be very welcome. Meanwhile, if you can send me some listings, just to give us and idea, that would be great.
    Thank again for you feedback.

    Sylvie Jacobs

  2. Jeff McDonald Says:

    Hello Sylvie,

    Good choice to settle in the wesd end of Toronto. My family and friends have been living in the W6 W7 W8 areas for 50 years and we have no plans to leave. You shoulds be able to find many homes in your price range however, it looks like bloor west village is the best bet for action. It might be a bit costly.


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